Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Sergeant at U.S. Army 
Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan 
Widowed (always are, scammers love a good sob story)

Howard Vincent tells you he is 'Stationed in Kabul'.. he isn't. 

He will tell you he is a widow with a dear daughter - he isn't. 

He will tell you he can't use video cam .. that's true.. because he is an African, he isn't the man in the picture. 

He will tell you he can't use the phone.. that's true because he will have a heavy African accent.


The pictures much used in Romance scamming under many names. 

Please take a look here....... all times he has been used

Howard Vincent used the other name of frank, and he uses this email add:
''hello beautiful,i saw your profile on tagged friends suggestion list and after going through it i made up my mind to contact you as alovely friend,hope you don't mind ,you can send me your email ID to kwn more about each other,hope to hear from you ...i am sergent frank.''
''helloo my dear this my email id, thanks for you response as am looking forward to hear from you , take care''
Screen name
: Frank V
Profile Views: 1450 times
Member Since: May 17, 2016 
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Gender: Male 
Age: 48 
Relationship Status: Widowed 
Ethnicity: Native American 
Orientation: Straight
Email contact:
''Thank you for your kind response, it's a great pleasure having you as my friend here, and whats your beautiful name?. Knowing one another is a gradual thing and here are few things I think you should know about me first, I'm American Citizen, United States precisely, also a United States soldier. Before I was stationed in the States but right now I am leading a troop here in Kabul Afghanistan, I am serving with the 3rd Infantry Military Division here in Kabul Afghanistan.

I Love meeting people, reading, traveling, sharing ideas and also I care about nature, human being, love arts, environment, social culture,....etc. I am 48 years old, sad to say... I lost my wife 5 years ago but she had one daughter for me before her death,and I'm still here in Afghanistan but will be coming back to America soon. So nice to have you as my new friend and i wish for us have a mutual friendship that will profit our future positively. please let me know everything about you in your next reply as I am having a special feelings for you.

I await for your response and looking forward for more steady contact with you as well. God bless you my dearest...! ''***
''Hello dear, what's good today and how is your family? I love to hear a sound saying how much you care, wow. I would have love to see you on cam but because am using our camp desktop computer and it does not have a camera lol, but i must comment that if friends were flowers, I would not pick you! I will let you grow in my garden then i will cultivate you with love and care for you so I can keep you as a friend.

Everything in this world is so fine, but everything in this world is not mine, but there is one thing that is pure & divine. your friendship and lucky to be mine. I will be waiting for your response always. Take good care of yourself till i hear from you again.''


  1. This guy is now pretending to be John Harbeson. Just by the way he talks you can tell he is not an American.

    1. Thank you so much for this one. We know this one and his wife.. he most certainly isn't a widow... I love to try to get these off for them.

      I appreciate it.