Monday 1 August 2016

BESSIE MARK.. Yes.. supposed to be a soldier


. FAKE US Army Profile for scamming.
Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan 
From Los Angeles, California

Now I often say that foreign Scammers have a problem with our names. 
They can't really tell surnames and first names, even male and female names.

but Bessie Mark?  Not the most masculine I have ever come across... and so FAKE. 

Living in Kabul... now the Military strictly cannot put this on a profile anywhere. Think of the
security implications of it.  IF YOU SEE THIS. THEN YOU KNOW IT IS FAKE.

It's ridiculous and just gives them a good reason to set their story so they can get money. 
This man's picture has been used before in Romance Scamming. 

Learn to Google Image Search... because you would learn very quickly that this person's picture is  known on the internet and you would see it's a diffferent  name.

The header picture shows the Russian Army which may suggest these are Russian scammers, 
there are plenty of them out there.


  1. lol this guy obviously read his name wasnt man enough then resurfaced as jacob ryan.

  2. Thank you.. yes ! I think Bessie was a mistake.. a good one though !