Tuesday 23 August 2016

About US Military

About US Military

For a start, NO US military on active duty have Facebook accounts that are free to contact women as they wish. They cannot put their location.  

Think about it... do you think security would let them have an account, post pictures of themselves in their daily lives and have the place where you are living 'Kabul, Afghanistan' or some other war zone. No... it would be too dangerous. 

The General or Major or even the Captain do not have time to be constantly on Facebook or a dating website contacting women.

If someone in the Armed Forces wants to get married they can't just marry anyone. Especially if there job is sensitive. They have to apply to  marry and the woman vetted, so they can't just come home and marry and go back. That applies to Military of any country. 

Military personnel get paid twice a month. They are very well paid with pay and allowances and they have access to ALL their money  at ALL times wherever in the world they are. They pay for nothing. Food and medical treatment are all free and plentiful. 

Some scammers have the story that they are starving. Conditions are terrible in the camp and they have no food... can you send them some to buy something to eat. Now.. think about this. If there is no food, how will having any money do anything there. They can't pop down to a corner shop in Kabul or Aleppo? In or out of uniform. If they can go to Western Union or Moneygram they can get to their own money and they won't be needing to pop to a shop on the way back. I've even heard them say they need money to go buy some junk food just to keep them from starving. Mmm.... McDonalds Aleppo, Kabul Fried Chicken ! I am sure isn't the best hang out for US Military.. if there was one, which there isn't ! 

I have heard of scammer soldiers saying the food and conditions are so bad that they have ulcers and need $150 a month for the treatment. LIES. If they need treatment for anything from a war wound to a toothache... it is there for them and of very good quality. 

They do not need to pay for their internet. I have seen many getting $200 a month for 'internet' and they say if they have that they can talk to their victim and be online whenever they want. One, they'd be too busy and two, internet access, if it is allowed, it  is provided for them. Remember security comes first. If your soldier is on the phone morning, noon and night... think about it... how come they have so much time? 

Leave.... such a popular story. Victims are asked to pay for a leave permit, just to apply for the leave, then, once that is granted... and of course it always is... you are asked to pay for the leave itself and the flight home.. it can cost thousands of $'s. However, thing is that they promise you your money back once your loved one is home and back on duty again. LIES. Please see comments below I have enclosed a Leave Form that has been received. IT’S FAKE, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. 

They give  an email address. Tell you it is the Captain/Commanding Officer/Admin or something and sometimes even give a script for you to write out as if it was your words and send that. All fake of course... still the same scammer, or his mate. 

So... you've emailed and got back your money-back guarantee. You'll have to pay your fee...several hundred $'s... by Western Union or Moneygram (still the most common method of paying for everything). You get the leave form, fill it in and email it back. Soldier boy, of course, gets his leave then you have to pay a few thousand to enable him to leave the 'camp'.  Sometimes even pay a few more hundred for the flight. 

LIES ALL LIES. ALL Servicement get R&R .. Rest and Recuperation. You don't pay to apply for leave, you don't pay to get leave and the Military flies them home and back again. 
This story is more common than you think. It works for them. Please do not be caught being taken in my this rubbish.

The US values it service people very highly. They wouldn't put them through this.

A popular story is that your soldier, of any rank has come across some money belonging to a rich Afghan/Syrian  and has stolen it. He needs to get it out as soon as possible and he needs to send it to you. Several things here.... really !! As if any soldier would do it or even have the opportunity to do it. Where are they going to post this money or treasure of some sort to you? 

Wrap it up in a cardboard box and put it in the post? No.. they'll get a 'Diplomat' . Now.. Africans call anyone who represents someone a Diplomat. Yours will get stuck in the airport !! The box has been seized by customs and they want $2000 to get it through or else they'll open the box and check the contents... you'd better pay fast.  LIES

Please never just believe what is said to you. Have a healthy scepticism and check everything. Google it all.... never just take what is said. 

In fact, anyone you have never met, been talking to for 4 days or 4 months and asks you for money for any story.... they are a scammer. 

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