Just what is a ‘Sucker List’ ! ARE YOU ON A ‘SUCKER LIST’ ?
SUCKER LISTS ARE ESSENTIAL BETWEEN SCAMMERS AND GETS THEM MONEY. They are lists of people who are likely to respond to contact from scammers.
Don’t just think there is a little lone scammer sat on his phone sending out requests to women and men to steal their money then will move on to the next one ..SCAMMING IS BIG BUSINESS.. and they will make money out of every part of it.
  • Do you ‘Play’ with scammers...YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Do you Accept Friend Requests from strangers... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever started talking and sent an iTunes card... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you sent money to anyone you have never met... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you been scammed and lost a small or large amount to thieves... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you given your email address to talk on Hangouts??... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you given your phone number for WhatsApp??... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you sent naked pictures to your ‘lover’ ?... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever answered an email saying you have been awarded compensation or some inheritance? ... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever answered a Message saying you have won the Facebook Lottery, Samsung Lottery?? or something similar ... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever answered when they have sent a message saying there is a Government Grant ?... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever sent a copy of your Passport or ID to someone you do not know?...this is kept and ... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever given away your SSN number or some other Social Security number your country has ?... this is kept and ... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever sent pictures of your kids to someone you do not know in person? ...these are kept and ... YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever collected money for anyone and sent it on to somewhere else...YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you opened a Facebook, Instagram or Dating account for someone who tells you they can’t do it for themselves? ...YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
  • Have you ever opened a Bank Account, Credit card or sent your on bank details to anyone you have never met ...YOU ARE ON A SUCKER LIST
SUCKER LISTS are made and sold between scammers. Sometimes on groups and Yahoo/Gee boy pages. Sometimes on the Dark Web. YOUR NAME AND EVERYTHING THEY KNOW ABOUT YOU IS SOLD. OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PAY.
Look at your profile... Your name. You may say it’s your birthday today ! YAY! I am 50 years old, well there is your date of birth. Every stranger you have accepted can now know this about you and will sell it.
You may have given someone your address. For a fake package, for them to ‘send you a gift babe’ or sent you a cheque. This can be enough formation for a loan or credit card in your name!! ..THIS IS ALL ON A SUCKER LIST SOMEWHERE.
Every time you accept a Kelvin Bright or a Maud Mercy YOU GO ON A SUCKER LIST and you will be sold. Some will also get your family details and include them.
THE NEXT SCAMMER YOU PLAY WITH MAY NOT BE AS EASY TO GET RID OF AS THE LAST ONE ! Some will never let you go and keep calling and stalking everywhere you are. They will stalk your family and your work and blackmail you.
DON’T SAY, ‘ Oh he is on my Friends List but we have never talked’ THEY DON’T NEED TO !
DON’T SAY ‘I’ve never sent anything to scammers, they get nothing from me’.

//(*_*)\\ Don't become a Victim ‹(•¿•)> 💔

ScamHaters United Ltd.


  1. I have noticed scammers also for username use two first names, And have only a few pictures. And follow hundreds and thousands and if a male it's always all girls. And have only 1/2 following back. I just wanted to put what I have realized. I have caught a few on Instagram, Instagram can care less. I have tried to nodify them with all accounts I have found out. And they do nothing. I have also wrote scammer or fake account on there pictures and there so stupid they will message me. Also one had a different name on uniform and try to tell me on a secret mission and gave them a different last name. Military would never change there name. I have never been a victim and never would. It's just so annoying and pisses me off with these losers. I find love the old fashion way in person.

    1. instagram are terrible at removing fakes. Their attitude isn't good. I like the idea of a secret mission where they can contact strangers on social media ! You just can't get the spies these days !
      if you look at African names they are very different from ours and in some parts they have family names first.. and your given name second. So,if they use two first names it saves getting it the wrong way around.
      They will often contact and ask what your name is.because they can't work out which is your first name. !

  2. I've gotten so many young guys from The Gambia over the past year or so on twitter they all have the same story they are about 19 yo their parents have died they live with their younger sibling and grand mother

    1. Yes.. and they are so poor they need to beg and that's all it is.. cyber begging. They have phones and internet and tell you they are starving ! Nuisance..
      thanks for the information,

  3. I met 3 weeks ago an Doctor at Instagram .At this Time he was in Russia and now he is in Abuja Nigeria .... his Words . This Man have 2 Accounts on Instagram . He never asked me about Money but he tell many lies . He hided his real Name and his second Account but me found it out by surprise . I asked about Videocall , first he told me its not allowed but after i told him that i don't believe it we had short videocall. He told me that he is in Abuja Nigeria now but i know for sure that he is in Venezuela.

    1. A video call.. a call him sat in front of the camera,clearly,no bad reception ! ... you talking and him answering???Because them playing you a video and a video call are two very different things.


  4. does anyone have a pic of Markray Markray 786@gmail ? if so please share

    1. He probably does not exist so hard to know who you are talking about. Is this a fake profile anywhere?? Someone who has contacted you???With more information I may be able to help

  5. I talk 4 months with a man he gives me his first and last name,but on Google there is other person with same name and the photo seems real but one of these men is from America and the other from Africa Witch one is really talking to me ? DE. ..D W. ..A

    1. None of them. You have been contacted by scammers using stolen pictures.

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  7. Vă rugăm să vă trimiteți povestea la adresa

  8. I am curious has anyone ever heard of a Riley Proctor. I saw lots of pictures that fit a Master sgt Proctor

  9. J'ai discuté pendant un ans avec un arnaqueur. avec le profil de Pablo albarán.
    Quand j'ai tout bloqué de suite un utre m appelé. Il se dit militaire.
    J'aimerai savoir le nom

  10. Just wanted to add my "two cents". POF and Google Hangouts are quick to move on a block/report. I blocked one this morning on both Google Hangouts and POF. On hangouts when I blocked him I hit review last 10 of conversation and within a half hour, pof and hangouts had removed him. By the way has anyone ever heard of a Richard David, Rick Shelton or Stephen Townsend?

    1. If you have not met them in person but only online they are not real especially Hangouts which is all scammers and victims. Most real people have never even heard of Hangouts.
      A Psychologist ids not online picking up women.
      I am glad you got them removed but please stay clear of Hangouts then there is no need to report ! PLEASE be very careful online. Real men don't go hunting women.
      You can tell nothing from a name... there are as many scammer used names as real names ! You go off what they are saying and how they are saying it.

  11. By the way the Stephen Townsend I ask about is not military and supposedly lives in Canton TX. He is supposedly a Psychologist.