Tuesday 26 December 2023

Charles Keith Damascene IS A FAKE OIL RIG ENGINEER SCAM. Fake documents sent Lots of money asked for


Charles Keith Damascena

🚩he said he is an 🚩 oil rig engineer chevron oil petroleum works in cambodia.

🚩He is a widower with 2 kids. (wife died of breast cancer).
🚩His contract will end this december 2 years contract but suddenly his boss included his name to be deployed to china red sea. (DOES NOT HAPPEN... ENGINEER ARE EMPLOYED, NOT DEPLOYED)
So he asked the woman he wAS talking to, to be his fiancee because only loved ones can request for emergency leave according to him.

So she did ( in the Philippines ) fill in the form he was not allowed to fill in the form but only loved ones now the request was approved.

But from cambodia to Philippines is his destination in order for him to get to the Phils, he will pay $810 for the boat but he asked his fiancee to pay first and he will return the money when he reach the Philippines. She must pay it as according to the Mark Lee the director in chevron oil petroleum the approved emergency leave which is 4 months duration will be cancelled. 🤬🤬🤬



Using the stolen pictures of an Engineer, called Damascena
Oil rig .... in the real world they work 2-4 weeks on and then 2-4 weeks off the rigs. No such thing as 4 months leave... and there is no emergency!
NOBODY has to pay money to travel anywhere and no man in the world needs a woman he has never met to pay!

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