Monday, 17 July 2023

Not romance fraud but good information to know about job/check fraud

 I was contacted by Mrs. Regina Singh 754-273-6167 about an Admin Assistant position at Drug Ocean Pharmaceuticals a New Jersey Company.

She then sent me a link to an interview with Joshua Grissom II, PH. D, BA on the Element platform.

We had two interviews and then he offered me the position and asked me to check in on Monday morning for further instructions.

I checked in today and I was given Fedex tracking number 7811 6060 2077 and found that the check had been delivered.

I opened the check for $3880 mailed from Gerald Sink Rolls-Royce 2355 S Tibbs Avenue Indianapolis, In 46241. 571-380-8533.

The company name on the check is Sunrise Roofing 611 S. Catalina St. Ste 300B, Los Angeles, CA 90005 and the Bank name is Shinhan Branch 3000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles Ca. 90006. When I inquired about the check, Joshua told me that it was one of their affiliates and to go ahead and mobile deposit the check.

Capital One's system rejected the check, then I ran my finger across the bottom of the check and the ink came right off and I realized then it was a scam check.

I called Sunrise Roofing and left them a voice mail, I called Shinhan bank America and reported the check as fraudulent and emailed the information to them at

A note came with check #1824 from Mr. Scot Hyun, CPA. My Offer letter came via email from Michelle Hammons, PH. D., PHR powered by Oneflow. The bank has confirmed the check was fraudulent.


  1. I believe the same scam just happened to me, i was much less smart and my bank accepted the check, i think i just lost $1000. Any advice of getting that back or am i just gonna have to live with the consequences of my negligence

    1. Go to your bank and ask them if it is possible to claw it back. BUT Never cash a check for someone you do not know.. NEVER. no real person would every ask you to. Go to the bank asap