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THE GENERALS. ... The main truth aboutt he Generals is NOBODY is ever talking to a real one.


Brig. Gen. Robert A. “Randy” Huston US Air Force currently serving in Europe.


Raymond F. Chandler III is a former United States Army soldier who served as the 14th Sergeant Major of the Army.

HE RETIRED IN 2015 and has a wife Jeanne Chandler and they are living in the USA 


Douglas Malcolm Fraser, is a United States Air Force General and he retired in 2015 

He is living with wfie Rena in the USA 


Frank J. Grass is a former United States Army General 

Frank was US National Guard and he lives with his wife Patricia Grass and their daughters in the USA 


Frederick Benjamin "Ben" Hodges III is a retired United States Army officer 

He and his wife, Holly, have two children. 


Raymond Odierno is Deceased, Died October 2021, aged 67


John A. Bradley 

was a Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force who served as Commander of the United States Air Force Reserve Command, 

He retired in 2008 and the photos of him around are old ones, he is now 78 years old and married to Jan. 


General Mark A. Milley
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Married to Hollyanne Milley and they have two adult children

General Paul J. LaCamera

He and his wife, Theresa, have four children.

James C. McConville

He is married to Army Veteran
Maria McConville, they have three adult sons.

Gen. James B. Hecker is the Commander, U.S. Air Force

Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe (as at 2023 when this is written)

Married to Terrie and they have two sons.

Major General Dennis P. LeMaster (USA)
Deputy Commanding General (Support)
United States Army Medical Command (as at 2023 when this was written)

He is married to
Traudi Retzlaff, he has a daughter to his previous wife

GENERAL Daniel Bartlett Allyn

is a RETIRED United States Army General
He is married to Debbie Allyn and they have a daughter.

Eric T. Hill is a RETIRED
United States Air Force Major General who last served as the deputy commander of the Air Force Special Operations Command

Brigadier General Todd M. Lazaroski

US Army Reserve

He resides in Texas with his wife, Ellen, and two children, Margaret and Philip.

Stephen J. Townsend (born 1959) is a United States Army four-star General

He is married to Melissa Crawford Townsend.

He has a son, Evan Townsend.

Lieutenant General William B.
Garrett III


Garrett continues to work today on UNG's Institute for Leadership and Strategic Studies Advisory Board.

GARRETT retired in 2016.. he is married to KIM GARRETT

Austin Scott Miller (born May 15, 1961) is a RETIRED four-star General in the United States Army

Information from the US Army
''Scams using Miller's name and image''

Miller's name and image are frequently used to set up fake social media accounts to defraud people, especially elderly women in so-called "romance scams." U.S. Forces-Afghanistan has reported almost 900 fake accounts posing as Miller on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just during the first few months of 2021.[27] The accounts are largely used to trick people out of money and items like gift cards and cellphones, USFOR-A warned.[28] “Gen. Miller does NOT use public accounts on social media. Scammers are using his likeness & photos,” USFOR-A spokesman Col. Sonny Leggett said in a tweet.[28] Anyone wishing to report a fake Miller account should contact USFOR-A''

2nd Lt. Austin Miller of the 82nd Airborne Division is his son.

General Miller is married to Maryanne and they both live in the US. 

Steven W. Gilland

is a United States Army Lieutenant General who serves as the 61st Superintendent of the United States Military Academy since June 27, 2022

Lieutenant General Gilland has been happily married for more than 31 years. Team Gilland are the proud parents of three children.

General James H. Dickinson is a United States Army General
currently serving as the commander of the United States Space Command, previously serving as its deputy commander until assuming his current position in August 2020.

Married to Angie they live in the USA with their 4 children.

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