Thursday 24 November 2022

MARCUS WHITEHEAD and when you are told he is 54! DO NOT ACCEPT THAT.. Just look at him


Exactly the SAME story
Today's victim
I have been had by this arse hole. He asked me to marry him after a couple of days. I caught him out and he flatly denied that this was him. He said his name is Marcus Aurelius Whitehead. The write up is exactly the same, the whole scenario of not having funds, then covid, then his friend running off with his money…complete and utter scammer.



(I put the 🚩 as recognisable 🚩 warnings..
Maybe the biggest to me is 🚩 he said he was 54
This is was he wrote to my the first day:
I come from a little family of a Texan dad, British mom ,all I can remember is that they fought too much ,so moved with my mom to London while I was still a baby , till I turned 16, then we came back to the United states after my dad passed away, I just want a relationship that could last forever I'm tired of starting all over again, I am a naval engineer, I am in Uae now, been here for 6 years now, I get to leave here in 2weeks time, I'm divorced and lost everything to my ex during the divorce, I want a new start for myself, I'm willing to be anywhere I am happy this time and find comfort even if it's not in the United states ,that’s how desperate I am for a new start ,I want someone who would love me endlessly and is willing to support me through all means so we can have a beautiful life, and I promise I will give everything for such life, I swear it,
I was born on June 3rd 1968
Met him on Tinder on June 3 and where he asks if I had Whatsapp and he then added me on Whatsapp and all started with a phone call on Whatsapp and he spoke perfect English/American.
And he says that he had a birthday that day and that June 3rd will also be a special day since he had found his soulmate. What he did not show was that this day had a special meaning to me and I only told him about this after many days. So yes I was stupid enough to fall for him and what he said and wrote.
He said he was born in Texas on June 3, 1968 and had an American father and a British mother. Due to poor relationship between mother and father, he moved to London when he was a child, but at the age of 16 he moved back to the United States when his father died.
He said he worked as a Naval Engineer and was in the UEA Navy HQ Fujairah 🚩and had been there for six years (for the U.S. Navy) .
🚩He told me that he was divorced, and had been divorced for 5 years and that 🚩he had lost everything to his ex in the divorce.
He had an adult daughter with whom he didn't have much contact.
He also wrote that he would leave Fujairah in two weeks. And that he wanted to start a new life, whether it was in America or somewhere else. And he was willing to move to Norway, as long as he was happy and found happiness. He called himself Marcus Whitehead and from one of the pictures (ID) I believed it. He was always polite and asked if it was appropriate for him to call me at first. We wrote and talked a lot on the phone, and based on how he spoke so perfectly English/American, was not something that indicated that he was from another country. We also had a video call and this when he was outside the area and then I also saw that he was similar to the person in the pictures I had received. So I really had no reason to believe this was real.
I also got a picture of a passport, which I have since found to be fake.
On 7 June he was summoned to the head office to arrange a flight ticket to the United States, where he had then requested that it be arranged for travel to Norway. I then get a message from him later in the day stating that he needs information about the nearest airport to where I live, my address (this for mailing) and that they needed confirmation that I was who I was. So I sent a picture of my ID.
On Thursday 9 June I get the first voice message from him on Whatsapp where he says that he loves me both in English and Norwegian (bad Norwegian) and that he cannot wait to have me in his arms. It wasn't until June 10 that he started asking for help - he had previously told him his bank card/bank account was closed for as long as he was in Asia. And I went on this and started sending money via a bank in Indonesia, the first amount was 500 US dollars. I have been stupid enough to transfer a total of US$12,000,
He was angry once, too, but when I brought this up with him he told me that he could be like this under pressure and lamented that he behaved like that.
He also became jealous when I was on a work trip to Denmark, after which I was out having dinner with colleagues (this then only men), which I then thought was just a bit sweet that he stayed.
I also ask if he is on facebook, which he says he had had but that he no longer used it. I had then found his Facebook page, but as this can be done to make minimal seems to the public, I couldn't check out much here.
On Friday 17 June he leaves Fujairah for Abudhabi when he says that your journey is long. I get video and more messages until he arrives at the hotel in Abudhabi on the night of Saturday. On Saturday morning I get a message that the last money has not entered the account and that this postpones his flight for some days. And that he then also needs money to pay hotels for 3 days. money I then transfer on Saturday.
On the night of Thursday 23 June, he gets on a plane to Riyadh, when he arrives here, he is told of some other Americans that he must to show documentation that he had money for 90 days' stay and entry into the EU, when he arrives in Kuwait .
🚩He then lacked money to show that he is enough for 90 days in Norway (in Norway the requirement is Norwegian currency 500,- per day),
(I also get a video from him sitting on the plane and waiting). Before later in the evening he takes a flight to Kuwait.
I'm transferring some money on Friday, when he was going to borrow some money from a colleague for the remaining amount. 🚩The flight ticket is now being converted so that he will travel from Kuwait to Antalaya and then to Norway with arrival night to Thursday 30 June.
I talk to him by phone and he then tells me that 🚩he has been stopped in control and that since 🚩he has brought weapons into the country and his license has expired, he will be deported if this is not fixed.
🚩He says this will take a few days and that he has been told by police that he has 48 hours.
🚩Later in the day, he is told that as long as they have received confirmation that a new license is on the way, he will not be deported.
It will be many days before he says that the license is ready and is located at the head office, but due to time difference, he will not receive this until Wednesday 6 July.
On Wednesday 6 July he has 🚩 suddenly contracted COVID, suddenly falling silent from him, after which suddenly on Whatsapp I am approached by a person I do not know who is at all.
This person speaks bad English and I understand that something is wrong. I therefore send "Marcus" an e-mail asking what is happening, then get an answer that 🚩 he is then being deported, 🚩has been hacked and is on his way out of the country but will contact me as soon as he has arrived in the United States.
He answers some emails from me over the next few days, but then it suddenly goes quiet.
Became a slightly long thesis but use what is desired to be used. I've also attached pictures and video. And that I have two mail addresses: and



  1. I have been had by this arse hole. He asked me to marry him after a couple of days. I caught him out and he flatly denied that this was him. He said his name is Marcus Aurelius Whitehead. The write up is exactly the same, the whole scenario of not having funds, then covid, then his friend running off with his money…complete and utter scammer. If I could track him down, I’d cut his bollocks off. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY HIS MANNER….he’s a liar, cheat, scammer, and actually doesn’t deserve me. Luckily, no money has passed hands and I’ve had a lucky escape. What goes around comes around….fucker!!

    1. I know him and his name is not Marcus Aurelius Whitehead. Doing these scams using stolen pictures are gangs of West African cyber criminals.
      They have scripts they use and this is how so many scams are so similar. Your money went to Nigerians or from Ghana. He hates this and it has affected him a lot.
      Thing is once the scammer scum start using these guys.. there is nothing they can do to stop them !

      Glad you are out now and thanks for the information

    2. Do you know him personally? Because there are so many fake profiles. I've read in another comment that it's called HARJO, that's right

  2. I have some of the same pictures as well but he goes by the name James Ryan Welch and the age of 40. I don’t know how to load pictures on here

    1. You can't load pictures here. Google doesn't allow it. Please ! just block your scammer! Please be careful you have cyber criminals, lying with intent to steal from you

  3. I was approached on fb he was calling himself Marcus Bryan same pics as these so I went to the profile the dumb arse had posted a video it was very obvious he was from Australia, and on his “ places he’d lived he had , live in Kentucky and was born there. stupid scammer !!! I’m so sick of them

    1. they can be very stupid and also they know many won't notice BUT so many do notice ! I love their mistakes