Sunday 19 June 2022



I've been talking to him for weeks he added me on Instagram he's like phil_thomas211 the same story I've read above from other people, a US soldier who is in LIBYA on a peace mission he has a daughter named Helen his mother died in childbirth and the government takes care of her since she has no family, according to him he is an orphan.

There was a shooting and many died the government of libya gave him a reward that was gold but he needs to send it because he is not safe with him, he asked me for my data which I innocently gave it to him, full name, telephone, city but when he asked me my address to send the package I gave him an address of a parcel delivery company and the mail also asked me, then he told me that they would contact me, from another number +90 5397 356999

They spoke to me on whatsap saying that they were from the shipping company they sent me photos of the shipping receipt with a Qr code (the code did not exist) but that I had to pay the customs permit, that's when I began to doubt !!!

1,500 us they were asking me to send me the famous package was a salmon-colored suitcase, "thomas" told me that he would give me the key when the suitcase was with me. When he insisted on the payment of this, I refused and told him that I do not make payment without first having the parcel in my country. so he told me that to send it I had to pay before, I told him that for me that EXCOS DELIVERY company was not trustworthy that I felt it was a scam but to ask for the account number to go to the police of my country and make sure it's not a scam.

He told me he would and he didn't talk to me anymore. now I find all this in fact he even sent me a video with a guitar singing... eye!!!! I almost fell :( my instincts never fail :(

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