Thursday, 27 October 2016

BECHAYDA ROMER MARQUEZ... Just a young beggar !

Administrative Assistant at United Nations

Former Soldier at United States Army

Studied Public Administration at Hellenic Military Academy


Major General James C. McConville 

''Good evening my time over here in Ghana,this is Doctor Christopher Hamilton from the LEKMA hospital accra Ghana,am writing you on behalf of your son Ray who was rush to our hospital last night due to sickness,we have carried out a medical test on him and we discover that he has been infected by the dreaded sickness over here in African called MALARIA and it is cost by mosquitoes,he did not take any immunization treatment before coming and now he is seriously sick and in pains in the hospital bed now,and also because of the malaria parasites he has lost allot of blood because he has not been eating good food to sustain him.

so as am writing yo you now please we dont have much time we only have 48 hours to save his life and to save him from have to make sure you do everything possible to save your sons he does not have a yellow card and without the yellow card we are not allowed to carry out any proper treatment on a foreigner because he is not from Ghana.and also you have to get him some pants of blood to strengthen him and revive him again.

we want you to know that all these will cost some amount of money and you have to act fast on it before it will be too late.the yellow card will cost about $400us dollars,and the blood to buy and put on him will cost about $600us dollars,why the treatment and all the medications to be put on him will cost about $900us dollars.

you have to send in a part payment of the money needed so we can start to treat him and get the blood and the yellow card immediately.we want you to know again that there is no much time left for him the chances of survival is 50/50 and it is all left to you and in your hands.

so you have to send it fast because of the time through western union money transfer or money gram money transfer agent,you have to send it to the hospital cashiers details.

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